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About Magis


MAGIS ACADEMY (MAGIS), formerly Magis Young Achievers & Learning Center, was founded on March 10, 2000 by the husband and wife tandem of Mr. Severo V. Cariño and Mrs. Violeta T. Cariño. MAGIS originally started its operation as a Tutorial and Review Center located along Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City providing quality tutorial to students of different levels from well-known schools such as Ateneo, La Salle and Miriam. MAGIS then offered supplementary teaching, entrance exam review, seminar-workshops, and other training in response to the needs and interests of the students.


In school year 2000-2001, Magis Young Achievers & Learning Center transferred to Violeta Complex, London Street corner Felix Avenue, Cainta, Rizal, where it continued rendering services in education. One of the milestones of MAGIS was the birth of its Pre-school program which was brought about by the insistent demands of parents of the tutees who benefited from its tutorial programs.


Because of the high placement results of students during the school year 2001-2002, MAGIS desired to cater to more students, thus it started its permanent home at 10 Tindalo Street, Town and Country Executive Village, Marcos Highway, Antipolo City. The venue housed rooms for the Toddlers, Nursery, Kindergarten and Preparatory pupils. The school had its groundbreaking on May 6, 2001, graced by the presence of Ms. Nolita Ferido, the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) Head of Private Schools in Region IV.


In school year 2002-2003, MAGIS acquired the license to educate Grade School pupils. In school year 2003-2004, MAGIS acquired the license to accommodate High School students. Because of these, the school expanded its venue by adding more classrooms and facilities.
On its fourth year of operation, the Department of Education (DepEd) granted MAGIS full recognition of its Pre-School, Grade School and High School Programs. Because of its commendable performance and extra-ordinary accomplishments which benefited the students, teachers, and community in promoting excellent education, the DepEd recognized MAGIS as a Center of Excellence in the Division of Rizal. MAGIS consistently reaped honors, and respect for the perseverance and dedication it sowed to deliver quality service in terms of excellent education.


School year 2005-2006 marked another milestone as it bears a new name, MAGIS ACADEMY. Improvements and renovations were made to ensure the delivery of quality education and services to the MAGIS community. MAGIS introduced new facilities to further enhance the students’ learning experiences in school year 2006-2007. During this school year, MAGIS athletes also proved their prowess in sports by capping several gold, silver and bronze medals during its first year of participation in athletic meet with some athletes in badminton and swimming qualifying to compete in the Regional level.


School year 2007-2008 showed great promise for MAGIS as it introduced Academic Interventions for foreign students. A comprehensive program on English as a Second Language helped the students develop their communication skills in English necessary for everyday living. Reading, conversational English, speech and phonology, written and vocabulary building, and grammar are the basic components of the program.

Because of its commitment to excellence in the educational system, MAGIS strives to improve the following key result areas: student development, physical development, staff development, curriculum development, special programs and projects, communication, and research. In order to define a clear-cut direction for the school, MAGIS put a new vision-mission in school year 2008-2009. The new vision is capsulized in its mission to inspire every student to strive for excellence to do MORE and to give MORE of himself: more efforts, more competence, more dedication, and more relevance – so that in adult life, he can focus on being of service to his country and fellowmen, in his great love for God.


School year 2009-2010 ushered the 10th year foundation of the school bearing the theme, “Looking Forward to another Decade of Excellence.” The school continuously received distinctions from all fields. It showed impressive performance in academic, literary, musical and sports competitions. The students experienced winning streaks in academic competitions in Mathematics, Science, General Information and Spelling. Others topped in the declamation, oration, interpretative reading, poem recitation and singing in the inter-school competitions in the division, regional and provincial levels. Athletes showed their prowess and agility in basketball, badminton, volleyball and swimming. The fourth year students obtained high mean profile score based from their general scholastic aptitude in the National College Assessment Examination, having one student got a percentile rank of 99.


In the school year 2010-2011, a new main gate as well as Learning Resource Center were constructed in MAGIS.


During school year 2011-2012, Magis Academy garnered the top three positions in the different inter-school competitions in the division, regional and national levels. A grade four pupil topped the DepEd Inter-School Civics and Culture Quiz Bee in the Division of Rizal and Region IV-A CALABARZON. Two grade six pupils grabbed gold and silver medals in the swimming competition in the “Palarong Pambansa” held at Lingayen, Pangasinan. Other achievers bagged first place in six (6) inter-school academic competitions in Mathematics, Science and General Information, and seven (7) inter-school sports competitions.


In school year 2012-2013, Mr. Jim Bryan T. Carino, the School Headmaster, became the President of the Cainta Municipal Private Schools Association (CAMPRISA). Under his leadership, he led the Municipality of Cainta to win the overall champion in both the Academic and Sports competitions in the province of Rizal.


During school year 2013-2014, the facilities of the school were updated, particularly providing each classroom with a 42-inch LED Smart Monitor as a tool to enrich the educational experience of the students inside the classroom. Further, the EStEP have been developed to further meet the needs of its EStEP students. The Performance Tracking System of Students and Teachers were intensively done to attain the goal of raising the performance levels in all subject areas in both academic and non-academic. In line with this, the profiling of learners was deliberately planned by intensifying the implementation of the School Readiness Assessment, the Philippine Informal Reading Inventory, Diagnostic and Achievement Tests, Diagnostic Drill Cards, Educational and Psycho-Diagnostic Screening and Assessment of Children with Learning Disabilities, and getting the height and weight to determine the nutritional status of students at the start of the school year.


Furthermore, Magis Academy established its Career and Technical Education Center which is accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). The center prepares both youth and adults to develop specialized occupational knowledge and valuable skills for advancement from a wide range of career and technical education courses needed to compete successfully in the job market. All courses are utilizing competency-based learning.


The Career and Technical Education Center is at the forefront of preparing the Grades 11 and 12 or the senior high school students of MAGIS to be college and career-ready, as well as to be fully equipped in core academic skills to function in the workplace, employability skills, job-specific and technical skills related to a specific career pathway.


During the school year 2014-2015, students excelled in both sports and academics, particularly placing 2nd place in Table Tennis for the Elementary Division and Chess for the High School Division in the Municipal Meet competition as well as garnering several gold and silver medals in swimming in the Provincial and Rizal Meet competition. Participating students also garnered 1st place in the literary and declamation competition in CAMPRISA; 2nd place in Math and Spelling for Preschool; 2nd Place in General Information, 3rd place in Math and Science for Intermediate; 4th place in General Information, 3rd place in Math, and 5th place in Science and Spelling for High School, as well as garnered medals in several sports such as table tennis, volleyball, taekwondo, and badminton during the CAMPRISA competition. MAGIS also obtained 3rd place in the Intermediate level in the MTAP Chapter for Private Schools and 2nd place and 3rd place in the Elementary level for the MTAP Division of Rizal. It was also this school year that the Little Wayas, a dance group open to the Primary students of MAGIS, was established.


During the school year 2015-2016, students once again excelled in both sports and academics. For sports, MAGIS students garnered awards in taekwondo and swimming during the Cainta Municipal Meet; basketball for High School girls, taekwondo and table tennis during the CAMPRISA competition; swimming and taekwondo during the RIPRISA. In the academic side, MAGIS students garnered awards in Spelling, Mathematics, General Information, and Science in the CAMPRISA competition as well as General Information and Mathematics in the Rizal Antipolo Private Schools Academic Competition. It was also this school year that the Scouting Program of Magis Academy was started as part of the school’s implementation of the K to 12 Curriculum.



MAGIS ACADEMY continuously provides a culture of excellence to students through its:

  • Dynamic, functional and well-rounded basic education;
  • Integrated learning experiences with character and value formation in all areas of discipline;
  • Varied curricular activities to further develop the inter- and intrapersonal skills;
  • Technological competence through computer assisted instructions;
  • Fully air-conditioned classrooms and laboratories equipped with audio-visual materials and technological learning devices;
  • Safe and wholesome learning environment; and
  • Limited number of students per class.

MAGIS ACADEMY is committed to constant improvement. It continuously monitors the educational process in order to facilitate the best possible teaching and learning experience for the students. A dynamic and innovative curriculum and instructional strategies are designed to keep the students well-prepared for the fast paced changes of the future. The co-curricular program is designed to involve all students and their interests in leadership, performance, and social activities. School facilities are also improved to enhance the teaching and scholarly work, and create technological distinctiveness in key areas of academic strength.

Furthermore, MAGIS ACADEMY strives its best to instill Christian values in its students through formal education, spiritual formation, and social awareness.