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Giving More, Doing More

Giving More, Doing More


Basic Education


Magis Academy envisions to be the Center of Excellence in producing globally competitive achievers abd value-laden citizens. Magis Achievers are:

  • MMorally upright
  • AAcademically and technologically competent
  • GGod Loving
  • IInnovative, Independent and Involved
  • SSocially conscious



Magis Academy inspires every student to strive for excellence to give MORE and to do MORE of himself: more efforts, more competence, more dedication and more relevance – so that in adult life, he can focus on service to country and fellowmen, in his great love for God.


Educational Program

A. Preschool

  • Nursery     – 3 to 3 ½ years old by June
  • Junior Kinder – 4 to 4 ½ years old by June
  • Senior Kinder – 5 to 5 ½ years old by June

Pre-School in Magis Academy provides developmentally appropriate activities for children 3 to 5½
years old. The ambiance of the school provides a nurturing environment for children ready for the
Pre-School experience.
B. Grade School

 Junior High School

D. Senior High School

– Academic
   * General Academic

            – Technical Academic
 *  Shielded Metal Arc Welding
*  Housekeeping
*  Food and Beverage
*  Cookery
*  Bartending
*  Bread and Pastry Production

E. Academic Interventions

a.) Exceptional Student’s Education Program (EStEP)

EStEP enables children with special needs to realize their maximum potentials through quality
learning programs and services. It further envisions children with special needs to become
productive members of the community who can live fully and independently.

Placement Programs:

1. Children learn under the regular class
2. Social interaction in the regular class

          Pull Out
1. Children would be pulled out from the regular class and shall report to the EStEP teacher who
would provide appropriate interventions
2. Special education services in the least restrictive setting
3. Small group interaction

          Self Contained
1. More restrictive setting
2. Children with severe disabilities that require therapeutic environment
3. Can be mono-grade or multi-grade to be handled by an EStEP teacher

b.) Foreign Students Program (FSP)

The FSPis designed for foreign students who want to learn and improve their English proficiency
for academic and social purposes. It is a comprehensive program in English, used as a Second
Language, which helps the students develop their communication skills. Reading-conversational
English, drilling in speech and phonology, vocabulary building, and learning grammatical
structures are the basic components of the program. It also addresses interrogative and discourse
needs, daily life receptive understanding skills, and writing skills to describe situations
expressing opinions and using specific terminologies for the different disciplines.

Moreover, the FSP also offers a basic program in learning Filipino language and Social Sciences. It
aims to foster familiarity with the Filipino language and its usage, culture and history. It also aims
to develop students’ vocabulary with common and relevant words for everyday use.

Because of the school’s commitment to excellence, its foreign students who graduated from High
School have been accepted in reputable universities in the country namely, Ateneo de Manila
University, De La Salle University and University of Sto. Tomas and have been qualified in courses
such as Education, Communication, and Management.