His mum and england all-rounder Ben Stokes have launched legal actions against The Sun newspaper after it released a front-page narrative reporting a family catastrophe from more than three years ago.
The cricketer lambasted the newspaper as it publishedincredibly painful, sensitive and personal details around his family last month, condemning it asutterly disgusting.
Proceedings in the High Court were registered on September 30, according to Byline Investigates, on News Group Newspapers (NGN) – The Suns parent company.
The case is listed as an intellectual property claim.
A representative of The Sun declined to comment.
The narrative on September 17 worried a family catastrophe between the 28-year-olds mom, Deborah Stokes, some 31 decades back.
In a post on Twitter – which received tens of thousands of retweets, enjoys and encouraging remarks – Stokes said a reporter was turned up in his parents home in New Zealandout of the blue to inquire them concerning the tragedy.
The Sun responded that it had contacted Stokes before printing the report andat no point did their agents ask us not to publish the narrative.
It noted that the couple and the cricketer had declined to comment.

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