The Boston Bruins travel to Texas for an opening night showdown against the Dallas Stars on Thursday.

They won’t play their very first home game until October 12th from the New Jersey Devils and must start the year on the street. With Vegas Golden Knights and all the Arizona Coyotes, the Bruins will head to the desert for business meetings After Dallas. I get street games out of their way then later, although it’s not an easy way to open the season. Four of their next five games after the road trip will be at TD Garden.
Boston went last year, but they won was a consolation prize for winning the Western Conference. They met a group of fate, the St. Louis Blues, in the final set of the year only to lose in Game 7. That is how they opened the match against the Maple Leafs, but also came out on the winning side at that one. Another showdown against the Leafs in the playoffs isn’t going to be out of the question this season. Leafs and the Bruins have done a great job of finding one another.
The Stars brought the Blues to a Game 7 last year, but lost a nail biter in double overtime with a score of 2-1. Dallas were up 3-2 with a opportunity to close out the show at home in Game 6. Apparently, that did not come to fruition, losing and losing again back in St. Louis. The Stars a fancy pick to visit the Stanley Cup this year have been got by their attempt from the Blues. In case Ben Bishop, goaltender, can follow his excellent campaign up with another, then the Stars are likely to be in company. The Stars will find a physical and tough Bruins group the entire year to start. Head below for our complimentary Bruins vs. Stars select.
The Stars are currently getting a lot of consideration in the Western Conference race this year. Equipped with a few of the defences and goaltender their prowess will be hard to conquer. They also additional vet Corey Perry to the offence. Remember how bad the Stars’ defence has been a couple of short years back?
Yeah, that’s long gone along with the Stars have substituted it with a group of cubes in Dallas. The turn was aided by signing Ben Bishop around . The former Tampa Bay Lightning carved a terrific campaign a year past. I had him but the award went to Vasilevskiy.
In any case, numbers were posted by Bishop. Despite no need he put a Vezina quality year. Bishop finished with a 1.98 GAA and also 0.934 save percent for career highs in both respects. Naturally, the Stars were among the teams from the NHL to discover targets against.
They have been 2nd in the NHL, using only 2.44 goals allowed per game. In Dallas was one of only a small number of groups that stressed defence. We need to expect more of the same against the Bruins tonight. Both groups wish to do lots of the items on the ice, therefore it should be a tight matchup throughout.
The Bruins were directly behind the Stars when it comes to defence. They finished 3rd in the NHL, letting 2.59 goals each game on the season. Rask was effective as he helped the Bruins get to the Final. He also posted a 2.48 GAA and 0.912 save percentage in the regular season. Rask turned it up a notch in the playoffs, with a 2.02 GAA and also 0.934 save percent.
The Stars want to emulate themselves over the Bruins’ competitive style of playwith. It has worked well for Boston and it functioned in 2018-19 for the Stars. They lost to the same group in the playoffs in a Game 7, so there’s a great deal in common here. 2 teams with goaltenders contributes to a 3-2 or 3-1 match on Thursday night.

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