You may have heard about the International Series playoff streak.
The nine teams to have won an International Series game have gone on to achieve the playoffs that year.
On Sunday, the Carolina Panthers won their first game in the series – their fourth consecutive victory this season – when they overcome NFC South rivals Tampa Bay 37-26 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.
After a rough start to the time, the Panthers have turned it about and have the chance to keep the success of past London winners and earn a playoff berth having an MVP candidate in Christian McCaffrey and a defense that leads the team in sacks and is joint second in takeaways.
Was the victory another step on how into some postseason run?
As a group, the Panthers have emerged in a loaded NFC to be reckoned with.
To finish this past year, they had dropped seven consecutive games (after a 6-2 start) before a Week 17 consolation win – with then-rookie Kyle Allen at the helm.
Starter Cam Newton’s losing streak continued as the team dropped to 0-2 with home losses to the Rams and Buccaneers, this year. However, following a woeful Week Two Thursday night outing in which 51 passes threw but completed just 25 of them he hasn’t played since and had been ruled with a foot injury.
The whole group has rallied for wins from Arizona, Houston, Jacksonville and Tampa Bay while Allen has been tremendously impressive. Four defensive players told Sky Sports exactly what the mindset has been from the locker area to turn around their season.
Defensive tackle Dontari Poe:”[The coaches and captains said] just keep doing what we’re doing. Everyone do their job, don’t attempt to be Superman because we do not need thatwe just require everybody to do their job and we’ll come up with wins and that’s what we’ve been doing”
Defensive end Brian Burns:”We just came to the understanding that it only matters what’s inside this room – as far as no matter if Cam goes , it’s another man up.
“But aside from that, we are likely to struggle for each other as a team – offense, defense, doesn’t really matter. We are currently going to pick up the slack.
“We do what we’re doing. We do what we do daily in training and just execute and make the plays when they come to you.”
Cornerback Donte Jackson:”Keep thumping. Keep grinding, keep going.”
Cornerback James Bradberry:”Next person up. That. Injuries will occur, you got to prepare yourself. The individual supporting them must be able to step up and make plays.”
The most’next man up’ has, of course, been quarterback Allen, who recorded that the fifth straight win to begin his career Sunday. He broke Jake Delhomme’s franchise list of four, also boasts a great 107.9 passer rating through these games, with two touchdowns and no interceptions.
He’s done things his own way, although He’s managed to get involved and replace a few of the exuberant and charismatic personalities in the league at Newton.
Around Carolina’s second-year undrafted free agent QB, Poe told Sky Sports:”He has stepped up in a significant way. He does not really talk much. But I don’t really talk much .
“He simply leads for instance, he has been doing that for the team, been producing plays once we need thembeing clever and doing what we want him to do – doing his role for us to get wins.”
Burns:”He gave us a lot of energy [today] and he gives us lots of energy each game. You rarely see offensive guys coming into the defensive side every drive or so and motivate us but he does this that’s really big coming .”
Bradberry:”He’s cool and laid back. He doesn’t speak a lot but if he goes out there, I will observe the confidence and the swagger from the manner that he plays.”
This was the very first time the Panthers had made the trip overseas – and they were also the 30th NFL team to perform together with all the Texans, in the united kingdom to follow along in November along with the Green Bay Packers.
And, like the Raiders a week, Carolina’s players enjoyed their experience.
Bradberry:”At first it was a small bit of a struggle – adjusting to the time difference not to mention the long flight, but I enjoyed it man. I enjoyed the food, I liked the civilization.
“It looks like everybody over here is very peaceful. When I move onto the roads, it’s kind of like New York with a great deal of folks walking around the roads, but I rarely hear anyone while folks cross the street, honking their horns.
“You don’t really get that at the US – lots of people are in a hurry. Seems like everybody else is pacing themselves .”
Jackson (who travelled with the team but was also a game-time inactive):”It was cool, it had been a dope experience. I spent most but it was a good experience, it was something – got to eat a few food that was distinct, see a few items that were different. The overall experience was dope.
“[The jet lag has been so awful the] very first night, but then, I was fairly solid.”
Poe:”It is tough the first day, just the jet lag. The city was amazing. There was lots of things I feel like there had been a vibe that is positive. It was liked by my family, I revealed my son a couple of things. It was nice.”
Burns:”It was really cool. It was a terrific experience, it is a once-in-a-lifetime type of deal – being able to be out here and embrace a culture and a different look. It was an wonderful experience and I liked it.”
These interviews occurred inside the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium which were created to house NFL teams following the match in locker rooms, and the Panthers were the team that was heavily favoured by enthusiasts on the afternoon despite Tampa Bay being the’designed house team’.
Last week,” Raiders quarterback Derek Carr stated the scene was”undoubtedly one of, if not the very best, stadiums I’ve ever been at in my life,” along with also the Panthers’ players echoed his perspective a new home for the NFL in London.
Jackson:”Exquisite, beautiful. The fans made it better, they came out and cheered for us, so that made it even better.”
Poe: “Stadium is state of the art. One of the greatest ones I have been in and it’s legit.”
Burns:”Stadium was crazy. When walked was really neat. When the lovers filled it up, it’s just an wonderful atmosphere.”
Bradberry:”It was definitely more than I anticipated. I didn’t hope to see this stuff in here. So much space in this, so lockers. It is definitely an NFL-calibre locker area ”

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