If you re using aldara to treat sbcc aldara cream ought to not be applied in or near the hairline, eyes, ears, nose or lips.

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Aldaa: Saty whn applid tskin aa >252 cm in tatmnt actinic katosis hav not bn dtmind.

Th how much does aldara cost is applid in a thin how much does aldara cost tth actd aas skin bslping, sthat it mains on th skin a suitabl lngth tim (about ight hous) bbing washd o. uth inomation, s th packag lalt.

spons th tatd tumou timiquimod cam should b assssd 12 wks at th nd tatmnt. I th tatd tumou shows an incomplt spons, a dint thapy should b usd (s sction 4.4).

Data om an opn labl clinical tial suggst that lag tumous (>7.25 cm 2 ) a lss likly tspond timiquimod thapy.

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I th skin action is sv (blding, omation sos/blists/how much does aldara cost), imiquimod may nd tb tmpoaily stoppd sthat th skin can hal. ollow you docto’s dictions.

Duing tatmnt gnital/anal wats, avoid all sxual contact whil th cam is on th skin. Condoms, dntal dams, and how much does aldara cost may b waknd by th cam, and ththy may not wok as wll tpvnt pgnancy spading HPV HIV.

Duing thapy and until hald, actd skin how much does aldara cost likly tappa noticably dint om nomal skin. Local skin actions a common but ths actions gnally dcas in intnsity duing thapy solv at cssation imiquimod cam thapy. Th is an association btwn th complt claanc at and how much does aldara cost intnsity local skin actions (.g. ythma). Ths local skin actions may b latd tth stimulation local immun spons. I quid by th patint’s discomot th how much does aldara cost th local skin action, a st piod sval days may b takn. Tatmnt with imiquimod cam can b sumd at th skin action has modatd.

Imiquimod will not potct against sxually tansmittd disass such as chlamydia, gonoha, hps, HIV, syphilis, and tichomoniasis.

Aldaa: Saty whn applid tskin aa >252 cm in tatmnt actinic katosis hav not bn dtmind.

mild skin iitation, itching, dynss, laking, scabbing, custing, dnss, hadning th skin wh th mdicin was applid;

Aldaa (imiquimod) is an how much does aldara cost spons modii. Aldaa is usd ttat actinic katosis (a condition causd by tomuch sun xposu) on th ac and scalp.

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