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Porphyria. avoid. It is unknown how this medication may affect your condition. Consult your doctor before use.

It contains the active ingredient roxithromycin. Roxithromycin belongs to a group of medicines called macrolides.

Treatments for cryptosporidiosis. The response to treatment of cryptosporidium infection has been abysmal among people with HIV. As previously indicated.there is no standard treatment for cryptosporidiosis. A number of different drugs are currently being investigated as a possible treatment for cryptosporidiosis. NTZ.azithromycin.paromomycin.letrazuril.IGX-CP (Hyperimmune Egg Yolks) and octreotide acetate are currently being studied as possible treatments for cryptosporidiosis. Studies to date on these treatments have shown only moderate results in treating cryptosporidiosis. A sixth compound.BACI(Bovine anti-Cryptosporidium Immunoglobulin).a drug designed specifically to combat cryptosporidium.failed to demonstrate any effectiveness in a phase I clinical trials.

Like erythromycin it is effective against Streptococcus pyogenes.Streptococcus pneumoniae.Mycoplasma pneumoniae.Ureaplasma urealyticum.and Chlamydia species. But is more potent against Moraxella catarrhalis.Gardenella vaginalis and Legionella and less potent against Bordetella pertussis. It is resistant to Enterobacteriaceae.Pseudomonas .Acinetobacter and multiresistant Staphylococcus aureus.

Do not stop taking your tablets because purchase roxithromycin dispersible tablets are feeling better.unless advised by your doctor or pharmacist. If you do not complete the full course prescribed by your doctor.all of the bacteria causing your infection may not be killed. These bacteria may continue to grow and multiply so that your infection may not clear completely or it may return.

Your doctor or pharmacist has more information on medicines to be careful with or avoid while taking roxithromycin.

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