Bhaksitam lubdhakenapi patram tulasi sambhavam.

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tulasi vina ya kriyate na puja snanam na tat yat tulasi vinakrtam bhuktam na tat yat tulasi vinakrtam pitam na tat yat tulasi vinakrtam.

” Tulasi seva is important. We cannot make Vrindavan parikrama every day.we do not have that kind of fortune.but if you make Tulasi parikrama every bhavya tulasivanam will get the same result. “

Cures a headache. Tulsi helps to relieve headaches caused due to sinusitis.allergies.cold or even migraines. This is because it has pain relieving and decongestant properties.that help relieve the pain and resolve the root cause of the condition. If you are suffering from a headache.make a bowl of water that has been boiled with crushed tulsi leaves or tulsi extract. Cool the water till it is room temperature or bearably hot. Place a small towel in it.wring out the excess water and place this bhavya tulasivanam price your forehead to treat a headache. Alternatively you could dip a towel in plain warm water and add a few drops of tulsi extract to the towel for immediate relief.

King Sankhacuda.adorned with gems and surrounded by millions of demons.sat down on a beautiful jeweled throne.

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